About us

Lalendra K. Sinha, M.D. is the founder of South Island Medical Associates, P.C.

Dr. Sinha completed his medical degree from Prince of Wales Medical College Patna, India in 1960. He completed his residency and fellowship training in some of the most prestigious hospitals such as: Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Coney Island Hospital, Brooklyn N.Y., Mount Sinai Hospital, Chicago, Municipal Contagious Disease – Chicago IL, Veterans Administration Hospital / Maimonides Medical Center – Brooklyn N.Y., Brooklyn Jewish Hospital – Brooklyn N.Y. in the Unites States from 1961 to 1969 in Internal Medicine and all its sub specialties beside a fellowship in Cardiology.

He worked as a medical director in the 1960s at Charles Drew Health Center located in Brooklyn where a program was funded for the elderly and indigent population of Crown Heights. There he conceived the vision of a multi-specialty group practice under one roof. He entered into the private practice and continued to work on his vision of total health care. After a long struggle, the most comprehensive multi-specialty group practice was established in Queens in 1970. His vision combines the heritage of medical expertise with careful attention to each and every patient utilizing state of the art technology and a team of dedicated professionals and technologists. In conjunction with focusing on preventative care measures, the comprehensive care of multiple specialties provides cohesive treatment that assists in identifying conditions at the earliest stages. This method ensures that treatment is most effective, complete, minimally invasive, and the least painful option.

The pioneering of this concept of a group practice was first established 100 years ago by Dr. William Worrall Mayo and his sons Dr. William James Mayo and Dr Charles Horace Mayo who were the founders of Mayo Clinic. This is the concept now known as a Group practice.

Advances in the healthcare technology along with the clinical expertise provided by South Island for over four decades offers our patients a greater hope in improving outcomes in addition to extending and enhancing quality of life.

South Island New Health Accreditation