Vision Statement

South Island strives to be the premier provider of health and wellness services, and consistently exceed the expectations of the patients we serve. Our Vision for South Island is to be a facility known as a caring and attentive organization, involved in the life of the entire community through prevention and wellness programs as well as the delivery of quality and compassionate care. It will be a leader in local health care delivery and will participate to the maximum possible extent in serving its communities.

South Island will be the premier healthcare provider choice by being:

  • Progressive in service to its patients and local communities
  • User-friendly for both patients and physicians
  • New, with a modern out-patient and specialty care oriented facility and closer to the population growth
  • Integrated through a network of healthcare services and reaching out into the community in multiple locations and levels of care
  • Collaborative with local hospitals and other provider organizations and community institutions to provide a continuum of services
  • Computerized with the latest information systems linking all elements of the network throughout the service area
  • Recognition for the quality of care provided to each and every patient with a special concern for the sick and the poor.

To achieve this vision, South Island will:

  • Provide patient – oriented service and patient amenities throughout the organization
  • Commit to maximizing the quality of clinical care provided to our patients
  • Work with the medical staff in physician recruitment
  • Maintain its current mix of services and expand where appropriate and justifiable
  • Develop services to respond to changing patient needs
  • Commit to supporting physicians and staff
  • Commit to maintaining a positive relationship with payers
  • Ensure fiscally sound cost-effective operations, resulting in affordable care
  • Provide access to a full range of healthcare services through affiliation or other relationships with regional providers
  • Commit to a management philosophy of providing high quality care and customer service with a team approach, utilizing the principles of trust, accountability, communication and results
  • Strive to provide advanced technology where appropriate
  • Strive to develop programs to promote healthy living
  • Commit to ensuring the privacy, confidentiality and security of patient information
South Island New Health Accreditation